Huey Lewis & the News

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We made a video recently of a song we really like - "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & the News so we decided to send it to him. Well...he got it...and he posted it online...and then we all pooped ourselves. Major childhood dreams are coming true right now.

Check it out!

The Return to an Old Love - Slim's in SF

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Back in the day, before the days of string slinging all over the country, I (Ben) used to have a "day" job...which was really a night job. At this job I worked security (yep, that's right) at a music venue. Mostly, it was tame, but occasionally we had to put people in headlocks and one time I even got bit by a patron and had to go to the hospital. I'll tell you about it over a beer sometime. That club was Slim's in San Francisco. Friday, August 28th, we return to this bastion of the SF music take over the stage where I saw some of the worlds biggest bands before they got huge...and some bad bands that never went anywhere.

I can't wait. That place holds a special place inside of me, filled with wonderful memories. We have a really great show in store for you all. We hope you'll join us.

Also, check out this trippy poster that Lili Arnold made for us.

COMATOPIA - Our Very First Festival!

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For years we've dreamed of putting on our own festival. Well, now it's finally coming true! We present to you --- COMATOPIA! It's a festival full of some of our favorite bands and people and we would love for you to be a part of it. Come hang and party with us in the woods - 40 minutes north of Truckee, CA. Weekend passes are only $35. Camping passes are $25/car. Get more information at

Gio's Tour Diaries

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Hey folks!  Gio is back in the band, and that means blog updates!  I do love writing these things...  and there's a fun twist to this particular tour.  I've been drawing and writing tour-related adventure stories for my 4 year old daughter (and family) back home to stay in touch.  They don't interact well with our current website, so I've had to leave them on my own website - but I'm bolstering up our own blog with some words here or there. 

So - please do check out our blog from time to time, and - if you're interested in wizards, towers, monsters and super heroes - check out the tour adventures. 

See you on the road soon!

We're on Tourrrrrrrr!!!!

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Hail hail!!  We Brethren Comatose are in Philidelphia right now.  We got in yesterday to go to a FOO FIGHTERS SHOW!!! (Courtesy of the legendary Uncle Pierre.  Thanks again, Pierre.) Dave Grohl rocked our socks off for 3 hours.  He is a Rock Lord, and we want to be his disciples.  Where do we apply for that? 

Before we head off on a rock pilgramage to follow Dave Grohl around and learn his mystical ways, we're going to play a ton of shows and do this massive, zig-zaggy tour route across this massive United States of America. 

Come out and say hello, people!