The Brothers Comatose

Home, Day jobs, and Vinyl

We’re back home. Coming home after tour is… not so easy. Right now it is 6:45am. What am I doing awake at 6:45am?? This breaks all of the natural, time-honored rules of tour. But now I am home, and now I am going to work.

The day / night that you get back, everything is glorious, and you have missed home, and you get to see your loved ones, and crawl into your familiar and cozy bed, and take an actual shower with a towel that hasn’t been used by three other band mates, and you revel in the comfort and joy of being back.
But we always romanticize the past. It’s so easy to forget the difficult, less ideal bits, once you’re far away. And then, in the wee hours of morning, you start to remember.

Once you leave the warm cocoon of the van, the world can be a rough place. A place that makes you get up early in the morning for work. A place that is not 100% dedicated to the: writing of songs; coordinating of album-release plans; playing music; updating websites; designing songbooks and websites; calling merchandise people; securing future tour dates; rehearsing; and… playing tons of music.

Now all of these essential elements to band health and survival have to scrap it out with the less-romantic facts of life like… getting groceries; paying rent; going to work; doing all the other things that the real world requires.

Right now we’re in tour whiplash – it usually lasts for about a week, and then things normalize. No problem. We got this. It’s nice that we can already be looking forward to tours in May, July and August to keep the spirits up. Tours and an ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Very excited for these future adventures!

In the meantime, as I trundle off to work – let me leave you with this fairy-tale like video from the road home. We took WA highway 11 south along the coast of the Sound. Found a grassy knoll that overlooked train tracks and ocean, and got some fiddle and banjo music to happen. Hope you like. We shall gaze upon it whistfully.

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