The Brothers Comatose

Like a Rolling Stone… kind of…

The Rolling Stone gathers momentum and power and energy, but no moss. But what if we used moss as the analogy for good things? Things that really stick? What if gathering moss was like gathering a fan-base, or like gathering support? Do Rolling Stones (not the band members) gather things like support and fan-bases? And if they do, what is the right analogy? Certainly not moss. Maybe… dirt and dust? I’ll bet Rolling Stones gather loads of dirt and dust. And I’ll bet that stuff sticks even closer than moss would.

Well, I’ve convinced myself, at least, that we are much-akin to a Rolling Stone – so long as you permit this rolling stone to be gathering momentum, and tour dates, and shows, and sweet new-record reviews, and simultaneously collecting our beloved crusty layer of support and friends, and fans and family.

Yep. A Qualified Rolling Stone, that’s what we are. It feels great, and it is all thanks to the gracious and steadfast support of all y’all. So, allow us to celebrate this here hump day with a big thank you to you Brothers Comatose supporters. We love you, and we truly do appreciate it.

Stay tuned for the execution of our top secret promotions mission: OPERATION BUCK WILD. Also, stay tuned as more reviews roll in, more tour dates post, and more new-albums edge closer and closer to their release date.

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