The Brothers Comatose

Back from the Southeast

On the jumbotron at Georgia’s Banjo-B-Que

We had an absolutely killer time in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina over the weekend.  Swam in the Atlantic, ate Barbeque, played lots of music, and rolled deep in a 2012 Ford Flex.  Wait.. forget that last part.  And don’t tell the van.  She is the jealous type.  More details on the ‘ol Bloggy Blog.

In upcoming news – check out that tour calendar!  New show opening for Nicki Bluhm (she’s the lovely lady singing with us on ‘Morning Time’) just announced, and right around the corner!  Also tons of touring – to Southern California, to Colorado, to the Northwest, and then into the Midwest this summer. 

Thanks for all the support for the new album!  Our official store has the lowest price for digital downloads on the internet!  Also, it’s the only place in the multi-verse where you can order hard copies of the vinyl!!  So beautiful! 

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