The Brothers Comatose

Colorado, and the Woeful Tale of The Vans

I type this blog post from the second story of an 1800’s frontier hotel in the town of Gold Hill, CO.  It looks like development in the main section of town stopped in 1865.  Lots of logs, cabins, hitching posts, old-timey wood and a vibe of really and truly being in the West.  It is amazing.  Kind of makes me feel guilty to be using a computer to send words and images via magic to the central brain core of the internet superhighway. 

The rental van is… a rental van.  It is big and white, runs well, fits everything, has air conditioning… all those kinds of things.  And we are happy with it.  But we don’t love it.  We miss our big red van – back in the garage at home.

The Trans-Van (aka: The Benedetti Family Van) is from the 70’s, has porthole windows, a stove, a bed, fits all kinds of things…  but doesn’t go up mountains.  And we are in the Rockies.  We love it, but we are not happy with it.  Big thanks to Norm in Utah – both for his giant tow-truck, and for getting us back on the road again!  Thanks to Matt and India for following us the whole way from Salt Lake at our top speed of 60 (20 up hills).

Yes, vans are fickle creatures.

The shows – thankfully – have been so fun that worrying about vans is a very distant and secondary feature.  Last night we were in Fort Collins at Avogadro’s Number.  Great spot!  We were outside in the very warm Colorado Summer enjoying the lovely dancers, the awesome accomodations just across the courtyard (thanks Rob!) and the food and drink.

Today we were celebrating the Fourth of July in Gold Hill.  I already mentioned that it is a page right out of an Old Western Movie…  now just add a bunch of holiday revelers, delicious barbecue, serious dancing, and tons of great music (not trying to refer to ourselves here – there was great music up on stage allll day long), and you’ll be seeing the more focused scene of our day.

I’m up in the room now with the lights off – wife and baby are sleeping, and I’m about ready to go wash off my dirty feet and crash out.  Happy Fourth of July everyone.  Tomorrow we head for the mountain passes and Carbondale, and then Telluride and then Dolores.  Damn, but Colorado is a beautiful state.

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