The Brothers Comatose

Ever so briefly

Morrisons and Avellone are back at home after driving the full 20 hours immediately following our Dolores show.  The rental van is going back, and we’ll go visit our real van soon.  Phil was dropped off at Salt Lake City to catch a flight back that morning.  He is off to the mountains for some classical shenanigans.  The Benedetti’s are in Boulder.  They’ll be dropping off the rental and picking up the Trans-Van today, and beginning the long journey home. 

Colorado was beautiful and – for the last two days – very wet.  Great times were had, and the vow to return sooner rather than later was made. 

The band will reunite this weekend in Veneta, OR for the Oregon Country Faire, and then it’s off for another 2 weeks to Wyoming and back.  Check all those tour dates! 

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