The Brothers Comatose


Woke up on day 4 in a 3 star hotel in Memphis.  Thank you Priceline and Gramblers’ manager Scotty!  The shower parade is just now beginning, and I’m next or 2nd next in line.  The continental breakfast was lovely, and it set up a solid foundation for the mountain of Barbecue that we’re all about to attack and conquer this afternoon.  I’ve been thinking about brisket since I got on the airplane for Chicago. 

Yesterday marked another first for the van, courtesy of our 8-string-ed wonder from Santa Cruz.  We ran out of gasoline.  Not sure how to conduct a formal and solemn apology ceremony for a van yet, but we’ll certainly have it worked out soon.  Here’s a tip to all of you at home:  gas gauges made in 1988 have to be oberved manually.  No fandagled computer gunna tell you when to get gas.  Write that down in the little ‘Things I Learned From The Brothers Comatose Being on Tour’ journal that I know you are keeping.

I’m also on a shoe finding mission.  After leaving a pair somewhere in the Carolinas on our May Tour, I’ve been sliding by with a the “only-use-in-emergency-situations” pairs of shoes that I somehow kept in my closet instead of mercifully throwing away.  A late night walk home in the rain in Columbia, MO (with a few missteps into some extrememly lush, deep, and impressive mud-lawns) killed the pair I brought for tour.

Perhaps we see Graceland today?  Perhaps we don’t.  Only one thing is certain:  Barbeque. 

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