The Brothers Comatose

Gio & the Eugene Hospital Experience

Hi ho folks!

It’s been a good long while since I’ve been at the ‘ol Blogging Post – but tonight’s events warranted – nay – demanded a faithful bloggy report.

So – to begin, a bit of back story.  I’ve been trying oh-so-hard to eat healthy.  When this tour rolled around, I headed myself down to Trader Joe’s and bought a bunch of oatmeal, apples, oranges and trail mix for the journey.

Enter today:

I wake up in Arcata at Jared’s Palace of Comics and Donuts, (after an absolutely kick-ass show at Humbrews) and there is a glorious pot of coffee and a box of donuts waiting for us wayward band folk.  But I resist.  I go to the van, get my oatmeal, and make up my breakfast in a bowl.  Mmmm.  healthy.  I have a few cups of coffee, some water, and we take to the van.  Destination:  Eugene.

We drive drive drive – there’s a lunch stop at a Safeway in Crescent City.  I save a few bucks, have an apple, have an orange, munch some trail mix, drink my water, and I’m good to go.

We drive drive drive some more, and we get to Eugene.  I have another cup of coffee, some more water, and order the lentil soup and beet salad for dinner.  I eat it.

Then we play some music.

Eugene (emphasis: EUgene) is sweet to us, and we have ourselves a good time… except for Gio who is experiencing some serious abdominal pain on stage.  Cramping like I’ve only heard about.  It continues all through the set, makes singing a bit rough, and is becoming worrisome.  When we finish, I try and skedaddle to the van as quick as can be to just wait out this ever-growing pain in my belly! 

I get to the van, and just kind of moan and roll around for about 25 minutes.  It just keeps getting worse.  I’m looking up “abdominal pain” on my phone, trying the left side, the right side…  it all hurts.  Then I start to get all tingly down my arms, sweaty, light headed…  Then I’m having weird dreams, I come to, and it takes me a while to figure out where the hell I am.  My stomach hurts!

I call in the rest of the band, and I have them take me to the hospital.  I’m pretty worried at this point.  I can’t really move, everything hurts, and I’m worried I’m going to black out again.  The noble Brothers Comatose wing me to the ER.  I shakily fill out paperwork, recite birthdays, etc…  and then I wait for them to see me.


By the time I’m actually in the ER room, with the little ER gown on…  I feel pretty good.  My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore.  At all, really.  Not even when the doctor starts pushing around on it.  Thank God, say I… and yet…  Feels pretty silly to just sit in a ER when you feel fine, right?

The doctor tells me that I probably just had indigestion, or some gas pains, and that I passed out as a reaction / instinct to the pain. 

So, here we are, safe and sound in the hotel room… but one ER visit later.  And while I’m stoked that I feel better, and stoked to have a diagnosis of “all clear,” it is still a bit unsettling to not have anything solid to point to for an evening of the most uncomfortable singing / playing / passing out in a van that I’ve ever experienced. 

So, here we go – onward and forward.  I’ll be eating more rice and gruel, more water less coffee, and praying for easy nights from here on out. 

Thanks to the Gramblers and the sweet fans of Eugene for the concern, the support and the well wishes!  Seems that all is right and good here.  Back to the road and the shows!

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