The Brothers Comatose

Homeward Bound – not just a Paul Simon Song

We played the last show of the tour last night in Bellingham, and it was glorious.  We got to live our rock and roll dreams with Deren Ney and Mike Curry from the Gramblers – they jumped up for Swamp Jam, and I just about exploded:  too long without electric instruments and rocking drums can be hard on this fellow.  It felt gooooood to rock loud. 

Now I’m on an Airporter headed back to Petaluma where I will (hopefully) be just in time to lead my wonderful and beloved High School Jazz Band students in an afternoon performance.  Andy Lentz (fiddle on the tour) is flying back to Austin (via Portland) and the 3 musketeers – the 3 amigos – the 3 blind mice – the triplets of Vanville – Ben, Alex and Ryan – will be driving our sweet ‘lil van allllllll the way back.  Today.  Happy driving, boys.

It’s always hard on the psyche and the system to whiplash between touring and being back home.  The realities – particularly for this father and up-at-6am-highschool-teacher are pretty vastly different.  It sure does make a soul cherish his family, though.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so our hearts are growing fonder – in an extreme way – about once a month these days.  But absence also makes a body feel lonesome, and that’s in full effect too – especially for a 2 year-old little girl who hasn’t quite grasped the concepts of time and space yet. “I’ll be home soon” becomes a big heap of “I’m not there” when you say it to a 2 year old.  

But tonight clan Benedetti will be back to livingroom dance parties (currently spinning The Muppets movie soundtrack) and home cooked meals, and cozy beds.  Whiplash won’t really set in until tomorrow morning at 6:03.  When the alarm goes off for work.

I should probably shave too.

Nice to be home, y’all.  See yous soon.

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