The Brothers Comatose

The Boot premiers our latest Elevator Session: Hank Williams’ ‘My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It’

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Hail folks!

I have just a breath of WiFi and relative warmth and safety on this peril-filled Frostbite Tour (see blog posts) to let you all know that The Boot is premiering our latest Elevator Session: Hank Williams’ heartfelt, infinitely sad lament, My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It.

We snuck into The St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, famous for its towering, glass, open-to-the-epic view elevators.  We met the right Hotel employee (huge fan of bluegrass) and commandeered an elevator for about 10 minutes.  Most everyone was enthusiastic.  One couple was quite snootily put out by the whole affair.

It was great fun.

Big thanks to Pint of Soul for mixing the audio and Jacob Skaggs for filming and editing our tomfoolery.


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