The Brothers Comatose


Some Shows with Lake Street Dive

Right now we’re driving through Colorado to begin a couple date run with one of our favorite bands – Lake Street Dive – and we are damn excited! Oh, and Colorado is friggin’ beautiful in case any of you were wondering. Check out the video below…then check us out with LSD tonight at the Sheridan Opera House in Telluride and tomorrow at Smiley Theatre in Durango.

More Banjo, Less Pants


Thanks to each and every one of you crazy people that came out to our show at Outside Lands Music Festival – thank you for dancing, smiling, singing along AND to everyone that turned our set into a pants-less dance party. You all put smiles on our faces that won’t come off for a long long time.
This photo was taken when we hopped off stage at the end of our set to play a few tunes out at the hay bales. You showed us a helluva time San Francisco! The photo unfortunately doesn’t quite capture the pants-less folks in the crowd.
Photo credit – John Margaretten

Outside Lands!!!


It’s just over a week away! We play Sunday Aug 10th at 1:20 on the Panhandle Stage. See you all in the park!

Boise, ID….Where Birds Fall From the Sky


We are currently in a hotel, down by the river in Boise, ID. We are waiting to head downtown where we’ll play for FREE today in Grove Plaza at 5pm. Boise is a nutty place…not like the people are crazy (maybe they are…I’m not really sure), but the weather patterns here are drastic and can shift in a moment’s notice. Last time we were here to play this very event we experienced super-sized rain drops –> into hail –> into gale force winds. As we were walking through downtown after our show we came upon a bird that looked like it was hurt in the middle of the road. Our trusty fiddle player threw his shirt over the top of the bird and we took it back to our hotel with us. Over and over we called bird rescue, but it was far too late and nobody answered. The next morning we took our little birdy down to the rescue facility and turned our him in. It turns out he was a baby Peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world. It had fallen from its nest on top of a building in downtown Boise and we happened to snap it up before something happened to him. He was returned safely to his nest and mama bird was quite happy in the end.

Crazy things happen in Boise, ID…and especially to those bands that play at Alive After Five. You should come down today to check out what might happen to us this time.

Here’s our bird friend —>

East Coast Swaaaang

East Coast Swing Tour Poster V1 small jpeg_0

Friends, we’re on the East Coast…but only for a short while. Check out those dates to the right —>> and check out this sweet poster made by our friend Lili Arnold. Hope to see your purdy faces out there at some shows.

On touring, and sandwiches


A blog by Joe Pacini – Tour Manager Extraordinaire

Life on tour is inspiring, tedious, exciting, banal, and in every way comparable to sandwiches. The variation of traveling is as limitless as the types of sandwiches one can consume. Sometimes, you don’t get what you ordered, and there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you travel for hours to arrive exactly where you want to be, and you get exactly what you expected. Let me explain.

The Sparrow Bakery

50SE Scott Street 

Bend, Oregon

Bacon Breakfast Sandoh

When you find yourself in a place you’ve never been, you must rely upon the advice of locals (friends, family, bartenders, baristas, a guy standing outside of a bank or gas station). This is how we originally found The Sparrow Bakery. “They have great breakfast sandwiches” she said. “They bake their own croissants” she said. Sold. This is also how we have found countless other gems throughout the country. From bars, to hikes, to coffee shops and book shops. Relying on those who know better than us has always guided us well, and opened our eyes to those things that we now cherish as if we were locals ourselves.


4255 Fremont Ave N

Seattle, Washington

Caribbean Roast

There are a few truly defining moments in my life. That fateful day, March 24, 2010, when we wearily stumbled up to that magical little shack near the top of Fremont Ave, ranks high among them. We were pointed in that direction by the good people at Dusty Strings Music Shop. The sweet, smoky aromas and long line gave an adept indication to the sandwich perfection we were about to experience. How do they get those onions so perfect? How do they get the bread the perfect combination of crispy and chewy? How do they get that pork so… so…? Words fail me. Paseo has become a tradition, no, a ritual since that day. We have been known to travel many miles out of our way to bask in the light that is The Caribbean Roast Sandwich. Of course, now we are seasoned veterans, and order ahead to skip the lines. Every time we show up, it feels like we are arriving at a little slice of familiarity in a “cold and distant town”. 

The Zolg’s House

San Clemente, California 

Home-Made Pork Sliders

On the road, there are an infinite amount of steely-eyed, stone-faced motel clerks, and cookie cutter rooms with generic landscape paintings hung without care above stale beds with questionable sheets. Then, there are magical oases like the Zolg’s house. The warmth and familial hospitality we receive at place like this provides a familiar destination to the many hours on unnamed highways. As i write this, on the front porch on a postcard perfect day, the pork is in the smoker out back, and the biscuits are golden brown and fresh out of the oven. We have been lucky enough to be welcomed in homes like this throughout the country. St Maries, Idaho. Bellingham, Washington. Portland, Oregon. Iowa City, Iowa. Huntersville, North Carolina. And many, many other places in between. Developing these friendships, and having the ability to return is truly one of the highlights of this lifestyle. We are forever indebted to the Zolg’s and the people around the country like them that have put us up, fed us, and welcomed us into their home like family.

Lucchesi’s Deli

301South McDowell Blvd

Petaluma, California

Santa Fe Turkey and Bacon on Sourdough Baguette (hold the sprouts)

Home. Many songs have been written about it. All roads used to lead to Rome, all of our roads lead Home. Nothing can replace it. Being gone truly makes us appreciate where we come from, and we are always happy to return, having grown, and been shaped by our experiences while away.

Left Side of the Divide Tour – Summer 2014

Broco Poster (13 x 19) FINAL SMALL PDFpdf

Good day to you all! It’s a summer day here in San Francisco – which means we’re drenched in thick & soupy fog. But that’s ok…cause we’re leaving for tour today! We’re preparing by doing rock squats, restringing instruments, loading up on snacks, washing socks and undies, smooching our loved ones and heading out the door into the wild blue yonder.

This tour is being dubbed as the “Left Side of the Divide Tour 2014” and it takes us through CA, NM, CO, UT, WA & OR. Check out this poster below designed by Lili Arnold. Ain’t it purdy?

This is a big headlining tour for us, so we are asking for your help on this one. If you could please share our dates with your music loving friends or even just call or email ’em up or email and tell them we’re coming to town, we would greatly appreciate it. We’re trying to spread the word the grassroots way – through fine people like yourselves. Word of mouth goes a long way these days. So, please help us out and tell your friends we’re coming their way.

Recovered From Massive Tour – Ready to Get Back on the Horse this Weekend in Big Sur!


As you can see, we’ve been terrible about updating this here website. We are sorry for not keeping you up to date about all the goings on of band life and the ins and outs, ups and downs of life on the road. But that’s all about to change. We’ll be updating the site in the coming week with new photos and blogs and such. Keep an eye out.

We made it back from our massive tour with Yonder Mountain String Band, and our Southeast headlining run. When I returned, I slept for about 4 days straight and awoke, bursting with new energy. After a little time off, we’re ready to hop back on the train and play some amazing festivals and shows.

We start this weekend in Big Sur at Hipnic – one of our favorite lil’ festivals in the world. The lineup is incredible and the scenery is some of the best in the world.

March toward Yonder Mountain!!


Let the madness begin! We’re on our way to Fayetteville, AR to meet up with Yonder Mountain String Band and begin a tour of mammoth proportions. This run finds us traversing through AR, OK, MO, LA, TX, AZ, UT, NV, CA, OR & WA. We’re coming for ya, America!

Now On Tour With Devil Makes Three!!


There are currently 6 of us crammed into 1 hotel room in Elko, NV. But it is a mere stopover on our way to Salt Lake City, UT to start our tour with Devil Makes Three. And did we mention we love that band. Seriously. If we’re coming anywhere near you, come on out to the show. You will not be disappointed. Check the dates below….