The Brothers Comatose


NEW VIDEO! and full UC Theater band Lineup


Hey gang.

Hope you enjoy our new video.  We’re really into facing our fears, and between us, we’re Acrophobic (fear of heights), Claustrophobic (fear of enclosed places), Ophidiophobic (fear of snakes), and Melophobic (fear of music).  We decided to take the bull by the horns, and we stared down 3 of these 4 phobias by playing music in a crowded elevator (no snakes).  We’re going to be doing more of these so stay tuned for more in our Elevator Sessions video series.  Check it out on Live for Live Music!

Or right here:

Also, we updated the UC Theater artwork and look who’s there!!  Horseshoes and Hand Grenades!  

If there’s anything better than a band named after something your beloved grandfather used to grumble at you regularly, I don’t know what it is.

Tour leaves tomorrow!

See you out there.

Dates added to Frostbite Tour


What Ho!

We thought that a mere 17 dates for a NW tour was a bit weak.

We were mocked by our peers.  Bands that live in actual weather stopped returning our calls, and sent us snuggies in plain brown packages to taunt us.  Ashamed, we put our rain-addled heads together.


The Frostbite Tour continuation…  (though, if we’re still frostbitten in April, I will be very bum-med):

April 5: Arcata @ Humbrews

April 6: Ashland @ Brickroom

April 7: Bend @ The Volcanic Theatre Pub

April 8: Eugene @ The Hi-Fi

All ticket links will be findable on the tour page!

We’re headed back to some of our favorite places, to play for some of our favorite crowds.  Can’t wait to see all you crazy wild folks there.  Recommend the coffee stops now, so I have something to look forward to.

Introducing The Coffee Report

The Coffee Report

Hail Folks!

The Blog has been a bit of an ignored wasteland of past glories.


I’m re-committing to the Blog as of this tour, and I’m trying to focus on what I do/know/love best.  Coffee.  More specifically, espresso.

So I give you The Coffee Report.  Enjoy, share your espresso experiences, and I’ll be seeing more of you all over on yonder blog.

Oh – P.S. – The Infamous Stringdusters rip shit up.  They have been crushing their shows that we’ve been opening, and y’all should (probably are already) be familiar with these fine gentlemen of the road.

See you in southern California soon.

Fieldworks, Cruises & Tours



March 31, 2017, we’re playing a giant beer party in the East Bay.  The UC Theater will be hosting Fieldwork Brewing’s 2nd anniversary party, and we’re headlining.  There’s a very cute livestream video here that Ben and Alex did to promote it.  Let’s take bets starting now for:

  • most likely member of the band to come on stage very drunk on delicious Fieldwork beer.
  • most likely member of the band to not drink any beer, but poke sober fun at drunk members on stage.
  • most likely member of the band to shred a tasty bass solo, melting faces, and inspiring his fellow band mates to – finally – become a metal band.

Winner gets the pride and joy of being right, knowing us too well, and selecting good beer parties to party at.

GET TICKETS HERE! It will be my birthday, so come and enjoy the spectacle as I’ll be looking for ways to prove myself in the vain effort to deny the wheel of time’s constant grinding upon my mortal coil.

We’re also touring.

We’re leaving in late February for a Northwest tour with some awesome friends – The Rainbow Girls (who will be along for the whole tour) and our buddies Hillstomp (who will be along for only select dates.  John, Henry – I am totally down for sitting in on bass.  You know.  If you’re looking to shake up that duo thing…  just sayin’…)  Get tickets to that RIGHT HERE!

We’re also heading to the tropics…  very soon.

We leave in two days to go on a cruise.  This will be the first cruise of my life.  It will be a Jam Cruise.  Please don’t ask me how our band has gotten onto this cruise, and please don’t tell Jam Cruise that we may not (really don’t) know how to ‘jam’, as the hep cats say.  We will, I assume, be given some instructional materials and a ‘jam coach’, to see us through the cruise. Expect lots more ‘jamming,’ ‘stretching out,’ and ‘serious wankage,’ when we get back port-side. (Is that correct?  Starboard?  The poop deck?  I am not nautically trained.  Will we be hoisting sails and singing lusty songs whilst we work and chew our hard tack?  Only time will tell.  Jam Cruise, here we come.)

New Covers EP!

We recorded 4 new covers! Check them ouuuuut!

Folks, we made a new thing!

It’s a covers EP, and we are playing some songs that other people wrote, but that we love and just had to get our mitts on.  We have some Hank Williams, some Cake, some Huey Lewis (hi Huey!), and some Ryan Adams on there for your enjoyment.  And ours.

Click here to stream it or download!

Also, we’ll see you at the New Year’s Eve shows.

Get your tickets here.



NYE & NW Tours


Hail hail folks!

Behold the slides that do slideth above thee!

We’re taking to the deep reaches of outer space for our NYE shows.  It’s a very deep and old tradition among bluegrass and string bands to have science fiction themed shows / albums / songs / clothes.  (We all remember those famous albums, “Gravity & Singularity” by Flatt and Scruggs, and the classic “Theories of the Multiverse” by The Stanley Brothers.)

We’ll see you in deep space at the end of the month!

Also, we’ll see you all over the damn place in February and March.  We’re winging our way back through the Northwest, and we’ll be stomping in all of our favorite and beloved stomping grounds.  Please come out and stomp with us.

Check out the tour dates for all the details and ticket links.

Stay warm folks, and happy holidays!

Happy Halloween



Our bassist, Gio Benedetti, loves the metal (and I’m writing this post).  He (I) tries to sneak some into the shows every once in a while.  You might notice some excessive head banging, and the gratuitous use of his (my) distortion pedal during our acoustic, string-band sets.

What happens to all of this pent-up metal energy while we’re (I’m) touring in a string band all year?  It gets focused, distilled and made powerful through repression and frustration.  And now, you can all hear the fruits of this most brutal of metal-distillation processes.

We have 4 Brothers Comatose songs all metal-ified.  Gio (still me) arranged it all, put it together, and rocked the guitars, bass, and drums (programmed – not live.  Sorry). Ryan shredded the solo on Valerie, and Ben and Alex put on Corpse Paint and laid down some doom vocals, and we made this.  Enjoy.

We’ll see all you Colorado folk this weekend as we open up for Rising Appalachia on Thursday and Friday!  Can’t wait to see you all!

We’re Touring. On Horses


We’re going to tour on horses through the foothills of the Sierras!

If I was you, I’d bring some hemorrhoid cream and ice packs to each show, and see which one of us breaks first.

We’re doing the tour with our friend Ismay and it should be tons of fun.  We’ll be absolutely sure to document the tomfoolery (thanks to the video skills of Colin Blackshear and company – the team responsible for our Black Light Moon video -) and share it with you all… I’m sorry ~** y’all **~ as soon as we can.

Grab your tickets to the grand finale show right here!

If you have any spare wranglers, chaps, boots, hats, bolo ties, padded saddles, maps of the foothills, or horseback riding lesson coupons, send them to:

Thanks for the support!

The Brothers Comatose go to Australia


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to become fully legitimate, accredited, card-carrying international touring artists.  (Yes, Canada is international, but… it’s so close, eh?)  We’re bound for South Australia.  (Or, just Australia) ((“What’s the joke there Gio?,”  you ask? – oh, just enjoy the video below, dear reader.))

Tell your friends and family who live there that we’re on our way.

Tell us where to go in the towns that nary a one of us has been to.  (Except, probably Phil.  I think he’s been everywhere.)

Tell us what to do, what to eat, what to say, what lines of Crocodile Dundee to quote, and which ones the locals don’t really appreciate.

We are very excited.

To get pumped, Ben and Alex have asked us, and – by extension now – all of you folk to watch and listen to the video below by The Clancy Brothers.**  A fine, ripe, swashbuckling South Australia number, and a song that Ben has brought and tried to bring to the Brothers Comatose stage show at every rehearsal for the last 5 years.  Geez, Ben.  Enough with the Clancy Brothers, already.


**Little known Brothers Comatose fact:  Ben and Alex had always wanted to model the band after The Clancy Brothers*** for reasons that are obvious if you just enjoy that there photograph.  Sadly, my skin was too sensitive for the wool, cable-knit sweater.  Another dream crushed.

***I, Gio, actually do love The Clancy Brothers.  I listen to those old Irish drinking songs, and my Kiely blood (Mom’s side) just gets all fired up, and I’m ready to run off and fight in the revolution.

By the rising of the moooooonnn!!

We Love You, Comatopians.

Test caption 1

Holy Calpine, Batman.

That was one amazing weekend.  Thanks to all of you good people that cruised out for this and partied with us for 3 days.  Some highlights from my side of things?

  • Getting to shred some electric with the world’s Preeminent Brothers Comatose cover band, Buck Wild and the Boss Hossers.
  • Listening to all my friends’ bands make amazing music
  • Kickball Championship of the World Part II, with the Coffis Brothers earning MVP status with an epic bottom of the 9th, come from behind victory.
  • Seeing The Van again.
  • Playing music and jamming with all of y’alls.
  • Porch hangouts.
  • Did I mention the Kickball game yet?

What I’m trying to get at is that there were tons of highlights.  And it was fun.  The most fun we have at a festival all year.

Thanks for coming, and we’re already planning to make next year even better.